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How to repair water damaged drywall in one day!!

How to repair water damaged drywall in one day!!

April 13, 2019 by in Water Damage Videos Comments (40)

How to repair water damaged drywall in one day!!

On this water damage repair project, the home owners had already removed the drywall. But they did not cut it out square or on a stud.
So, the first thing I had to do was cut the drywall square so it would be an easier and tight fight of the new drywall. Next I added a wood 1″ x 2″ furring strip to be able to secure the wall board since the it was cut just past the original framing of the home.

Please watch: “How to skim coat a wall in less then 10 minutes | Diy Drywall Tips and Tricks”


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  • Hey how much water do you typically add to a box of top coat mud? Also, what PSI do you run for orange peel on hopper? Im tackling a project and could use some insight, thanks man! You do great work.

  • What’s the reason for getting the spackle on the knife, putting it on the top of the can and then getting the spackle on the knife again?

  • Nice video bud!

  • If 1 is the easiest and 10 is the hardest: what would you say your pressure is on your knife when applying the mud?

  • Thank you for this video! I have the same situation and felt overwhelmed on how to tackle this. I never thought about just cutting out a section of drywall.

    I removed the baseboard on wall next to sliding door in basement becuase of a small mold and water leak. That exposed a section that was soaked and wet with some mold under neath carpet as well. I immediately cut out and cleaned the moldy area. I’m afraid to see what is behind the drywall and sheething. On top of that it has been raining nonstop and then went straight to snow!

    Thanks again for the idea.

  • Would love to see the corner finishing as that’s always tricky. And really curious about the orange peel finishing?

  • Excellent video👍

  • The only advice I’d give is when using mesh tape, you should wipe it tight into the seam before actually costing it. I do a lot of repair work and 90% of the cracks I fix are because the finisher failed to do this.

  • Do you have to clean your pan in between when using the hot mud.  I try using it and end up with it drying up and they I have to spend a good chunk of time cleaning it out.  Also did you sand in between each pass

  • Incapsulated mold with the white paint and great job bro shot that

  • Good video. Thanks!

  • could the joint compound be sanded if we"re not as skilled as you ?

  • Which brand of drywall mud do you prefer?

  • thanks for the great video it really helped me out a lot.

  • you didnt explain anything but is no science installing drywalls

  • Dam u r pretty good and fast. Looks great.

  • That isn’t how you do the job

  • Can you come Texas and help me rehab my dear moms home so that I can go to college.

  • I am guessing that you decided to skip embedding tape (with the exception of the corner) in your joints to save time? Why risk the savings of 3$ for a roll of tape and a few moments to embed it just to waste a day having to come back and do it over? All joints should be taped to prevent cracking and to insure a solid joint, it may look OK now but IMO this is a bad way to do a professional job.

  • you rock Lea!!!

  • Beautiful job! My husband and I have to do the same thing but we’re very intimidated by it.

  • Did you in up installing insullation before drywalling? Just wondering if maybe you didn’t because of flooding issues.

  • Pretty work!

  • This is like watching magic. Pretty cool.

  • This is great, but I really needed to see how you fixed the drywall before smoothing on the mud. And what about the insulation?

  • You didn’t tape the joints? I couldn’t tell 🙂

  • Impressive sir, and very helpful. Thank you!!

  • Use a six inch knife for taping.Ten inch for bed coat.Twelve inch knife for skim coat.You did good on the 2×4 scab.I personally prefer paper tape.Less fiber boogers coming through.

  • That breathing was so cringe I had to back out bro I’m sorry

  • How did you cut the dry wall square or so straight horizontally and vertically?
    And how did you cut out the hole in the dry wall at the precise position for the electric socket?

  • Did the corner look wavy at the very end or was it just a camera effect?

  • Thank you for the kind words!

  • I like your professional job..👍Thank you so much..😊

  • Man you made this look so easy. I know from trying that I am seeing a lot of experience and skill. Mine would never looks quite so good. But, your video is awesome! Expertly done. Whew!

  • Paul, why do you like to use the mesh tape VS. wetting paper tape and setting it in the hot mud?

  • Sorry, you don t put tape before this plaster?

  • Paul what do you recommend? I’ve been getting jobs where I need to do a lot of patching or skimming ect. I keep my pan super clean and my knifes. I always seems to get these little 2 inch lines here and there in the compound. It is more often with hot mud and not as much or never with all purpose mud? Do you run into this or what do you think?

  • Single mother of 3 .This was so soothing to watch. lol. Now I shall try. Any tips for a 1st timer?

  • Nice work. Did you sponge sand at all before putting on the texture?

  • hi I enjoy doing little projects around the house also for others I get a great thrill doing projects on my Own! That driver is so cool! I need tools but I need alot of different Tools! would live to have and try out different projects ! Girl power!