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Potential Hazards of Living in a Water Damaged Home

The Potential Hazards of Living in a Water Damaged Home Millions of Americans must deal with the unfavorable effects of water damage to their house or property each year. Thousands will discover that had they been proactive and organized for remediations instantly it would have been cheaper in the end or in extreme cases had

Mold Growth Smell and Color Resulting From Water Damaged Contents and Building Materials

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Mold Comes in all the Colors of the Rainbow. Mold starts growing right after a water damaging event, sometimes its difficult to tell if you have mold but you might smell a foul odor, if you smell something unusual try looking for a dusty substance on contents and building materials ….this can be any color

Water Damage and the Resulting Mycotoxins and Health Impact

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Mycotoxins and Possible Health Impacts Water damage happens quickly,  at least the things immediately damaged by the incursion of water and moisture. What you do not see is what happens as contents and building structures sit for a couple of days soaking up the water and moisture. As the water recedes or stops leaking in

Water Damage Related Mold Growth and Your Health

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There was a time when mold was a given and ignored. Water damage repair and restoration never dealt with mold and its affects on the human body.  There was water damage repair in our church for years, leaking roofs, gutters, and leaking foundations. The leaks were always fixed but there was no attention to the

What Mold Needs to Grow

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Moisture control is the key to mold control. Condensation Click image for larger version Think water….mold will grow on anything as long as the humidity is up or the surface stays moist. So in any potential mold removal situation due to water damage and flooding it is important to act fast, get water damaged building

Mold Removal and What Molds Are

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Definition of Molds Mold, specifically black mold has taken on a high profile today and has become highly associated floods and other water damage situations. So, we’ll spend some time in this category talking about molds, how to identify, how to treat and when to call in a professional mold remediation expert. Lots of scammers