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  • It will usually take anywhere between 2 and 5 days for us to dryout a structure In severe cases the dryout process could last 7

  • That’s a great question and we are proud to answer it Unlike so many aspects of construction we can measure with accuracy the moisture in

  • All of our work is guaranteed for 1 year after completion and final billing However, its not unusual for us to return to fix an

  • Forever Restorations is a specialized company that will work with all types of contractors If you are a plumbing contractor, you are one of our

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Forever Restorations specializes in rebuilding areas damaged by acts of nature such as water, wind, fire and rain specializing in Water Damage Restoration which requires specials skills and equipment training and certifications and is owned by Christopher Parat. Christopher owns several construction companies and has branded them "Forever" because that is the quality of work and materials that is strived for. For instance, another company he has developed and grown over the last 12 years is Forever Floors,

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We Are A Full Service Construction Company..... Able to Meet All Your Building Needs

Water damage repairs and water mitigation negotiations are only one part of our construction services. Water Damage Restoration is requires specials skills and equipment.

Leaking shower caused $1000's of dollars of damage to this homeIf you have water damage from a flood or frozen pipe, please call us. We can help you negotiate a project cost and project specifications that are acceptable to you and the insurance company.

You will pay us for the water damage dryout and for negotiating an acceptable contract with the insurance water damage adjusters so you can get everything repaired and replaced. Our prices and specs are based on a little know database that is used by almost all insurance companies, no one can pull a fast one on us.

Although we would rather do your work, you always have the option of doing it yourself or hiring someone else once you pay us for our work negotiating with the insurance company for the price to repair and replace the project.

We are a full service remodeling and building company, much of the work is done by our own in-house employees. Otherwise we work with an extremely competent and talented network of contractors ....they simply are loved by everyone we do work for.

Anyone can say they can do the work but we prove it by our finished projects, out attention to detail and out enjoyment of providing you with the best service possible!

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Filing Water Damage Insurance Claim

Any type of water damage causes major disruption in your life!

You might have experienced a major flood, or maybe your dishwasher leaked while you were away and water damage repair is needed for your oak floor or vinyl floor.

Here's the facts. You call the insurance company,  they might tell you to get an estimate or they might send a water mitigation insurance adjuster. This guy represents the insurance company and you now know who his estimate for water damage is  going to favor.

The water mitigation insurance adjuster can not pull one over on us. We know how to properly effect the necessary repairs and we will itemize all the work that is needed.

You probably do not now about the "dryout process" from a flooded area. Regardless of how much building material is torn out and thrown away the area needs to be dried out with special fans, dehumidifiers along with professional monitoring equipment. Only when wood has a certain percentage of water can it be covered and reused..... other wise you invite mold and basteria.

Flooded Basement Dryout Cleanup

Water Dryout is the first step in getting your flooded basement back into a livable state.

Flooded Basement Dryout

One of the most common flooding situations is a flooded basement. Basement flooding comes from many sources such as appliances, water pipes, hot water heater, and outside water sources such as rain, roof, snow or cracks in the basement foundation.

If the basement is finished we come in and demo all needed building materials and contents. These will only start to grow mold in days and then mold remediation is required.

We come in with a truck load of special drying fans, commercial dehumidifiers, heaters and dryers. Moisture readings are kept and checked multiple times a day and often the water damage repair and dryout will take days!

Did you know that water will actually penetrate the concrete and needs to dried and extracted? Again, we specialize in this.... often times going out at 1:00 AM to start a job so your water damage does not progress to the point of total rebuild. Call us so we can talk to your water mitigation insurance adjuster to find out exactly what they might require for you to get paid the most.

Our water dryout and water damage estimates are based on a database of costs used by the insurance companies and adjusters so there is no way the adjuster can try and cheat you from what you deserve. This is our specialty and the software and database are very expensive, something only few water mitigation contractors invest in and use as a tool to help their customers...... very important for you.

Call at 815-529-7279 or send me an email at chris AT

Water Damaged Oak Floor

One of the most common types of residential and commercial water damage is oak hardwood flooring.  Water damaged hardwood flooring soaks up water like a sponge and in the process will twist and cup severely.

Hardwood floor repair is usually done by removing and replacing. Sometimes oak, hickory or walnut water damaged floors can be dried will little to no damage.

Speed is important when considering your flooded area. Call us immediately and often times we can get there within hours and start drying out your flooded area saving both you and the insurance company.

Don't worry, we will deal with insurance companies and insurance adjusters to make sure your water mitigation goes as smoothly as possible! Call at 815-529-7279 or send me an email at chris AT

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“Chris and Forever Restorations made the best of a terrible situation I didn’t even know that my insurance company would pay for the repairs futhermore, I did not even realize how extensive the water damage was  ”

Doug and The Leaking Toilet
Island Lake, Illinois

“Forever Floors and Christopher handled the complete water mitigation job We had a frozen water pipe and it took out the entire room, ceiling walls and floors Chris handled the adjusters, got us more money than we expected and was able to completely update and remodel the water damaged

Doug and The Frozen Water Pipe Dama
Barrington, Illinois

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