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Iphone 7 Water Damage Repair and Board Repair

Iphone 7 Water Damage Repair and Board Repair

April 13, 2019 by in Water Damage Videos Comments (50)

Iphone 7 water damage, board repair, a easy one

Please, don’t judge the way how i’m doing the job. Don’t be like me, be better than me!

Sometimes we get so stuck in our own little worlds. I mean, thinking about water damage repair and restoration I’m always referring to buildings. However, that’s not always the case. Your cell phone for example …’s a quick fix at water damage repair. I’ve done it before and it works sometimes, sometimes not 🙁

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  • For cleaning which is better: petrol or isopropyl alcohol? And what kind of petrol are you using? Thanks

  • Where did you find out the current of charging? Please reply asap I need help

  • i have been following this channel for a few months now and have learned a lot. thank you so much sir may God keep blessing you and family.

  • Hi there! I’m wondering if you could fix my iPhone, please let meknow .

  • This is a Great Video, But Over the past 20 years, I’ve purchased more than 25 cell phones and 15 tablets and not a one has ever had any issues. The list goes from Nokia, Blackberry, Toshiba and on. In the last 5 years, I’ve been with Samsung. But in Jan 2018 I finally decided to give Apple a try and I was pleasantly surprised. I got an iPhone 7 Plus along with an iPad Pro 12.9 and they have worked great together. I use them every day. I keep them as must as possible out of direct sunlight, leaving them in a HOT CAR and always buy a Great case to protect them. (Otter Box). I’ve watched friends and coworkers treat their cell phones and tablets like a child treat an old toy that they don’t want anymore. Also, back in 2014, I picked up an iPad Air 2 for the first time as a main On The Go Tablet and have never looked back. So I must be the lucky one. So far.

  • Excuse me sir,where do you live? Uk? Can you please repair my iPhone 5c has problems with the mother board also the screen it needs to get changed

  • What is the name of the liquid you are using to find the fault. And wish sight can I buy it please

  • sir ur contact numbr? i have 6s plus water damage , i want to repair please help me i have important data is in . help me

  • hello mr sorin ,,,nice pad

  • 8:35 haha exactly! I agree 🙂 I had few clients in the past who say the same "no, my hard drive was good before" "no i didn’t noticed that my screen hinges was broken in my laptop"

  • Look what Im learning. 😁
    Lighter fluid gives off smoke to notice short. Alcohol will just evaporate and you have to watch for it. Harder to notice.
    But you just showed lighter fluid will evaporate and give smoke. To help find it quicker. Amazing

  • Much better if before a repair, you must do a quick check in front of customer so that to avoid make up stories

  • 7:26 Thanks Sorin, good advice. i like your method to deal with clients. I will remember it 😉

  • Thank you Senpai Sorin! Strangely, I am today trying to fix my first phone (for data recovery) and it’s an iPhone 7 with water damage!

  • Like that you take a smoke after you find the foult 👍

  • my best mechanic (Turkey)

  • Lol… dodgy people indeed. Last week I fixed a customer tablet. The charging IC was dead and wouldn’t charge, and I fixed it. Next day he come back with the table and the "charger" saying it wasn’t charging and demanded a fix under warranty. I checked the charger and he was using a wrong charger (9v) on a (5v) circuit. He said he haven’t connected any charger on the device and demanded a warranty repair, and I told him the only way for the IC to damage is if he connected a charger to the tablet, and told him he was using the wrong one. I lost all fate in humanity after seeing jerks like that.

  • As auto mechanic yes I understand…you must make certain you have an accurate diagnosis. They bring me a front bearing…it’s the rear making the noises! Very similar situation as this as a business!

  • I had spilled some liquid on my cracked screen and tried to turn it on several times. iPhone 7. I literally fixed it after watching this video.
    Thank You

  • What is petro the liquid you put on the board ? I dont understand what that liquid is ?

  • Sometimes some customers will come to you after 2 months and tell you you fixed it now it is not working you could not fix it right. And i tell them you dropped the phone on the ground this not my problem and they say no fix it for free. Oh my god this is very bad thing.

  • I’m gradually working my way through watching all of your videos and learn something from every one……… excellent video

  • Buying one of those pads right away….

  • Fix my phone

  • For many years, I have learned to trouble shoot electronics in devices and auto chips, but watching a real craftsman at work is so helpful in methods and testing. I so much enjoy your comments and the test methods. Thank you for taking the time to teach me some of your excellent skill. So practical and well done. My regards for a great new year. M.

  • very very good work

  • sir thank you for your videos and keep on doing it.don’t think of comment over your videos.keep on doing what you are doing because you are not God to know what will be ok for everybody here because nobody is perfect in this world.thank from me and friends to you.i wish i can come there and learn.God bless you and your family.sorry for my english.

  • These videos are gold

  • Hello
    I was trying to make Vidoe under water I put half of my phone like upside down underwater but my lcd is going colorful and my phone won’t go on
    What do I do 😐plz help 😭

  • i can;t stop watching;z i;m learning…thank you….sir for another lesson…

  • Another good lesson and explanation. I learn a lot of your videos. Best regards. Dido from Bulgaria.

  • Great channel, much appreciation for your work. Can you recommend a reasonably capable hot air rework station from AliExpress? Thanks! Terry, New Zealand.

  • you remove a bad cap and dont replace it?

  • Best part of day chilling out to another Sorin video, thanks buddy

  • I replaced the screen on an Iphone 7 and now the home button don’t work any thoughts?

  • Useful video i udestand this problam

  • What kind of multimeter ate you using sir

  • thank"s for your sharing knowledge , the petrol what you use is petrol of car ?

  • That was one of The BEST VIDEO tutorial I’ve seen your very honest in showing the TRUTH about cell phone repair THANK YOU

  • Hi. Were are you based? I have an iPhone 7 plus, water damage, and I want to fix it. Thanks

  • 17:21: You are using ZIP petrol for cleaning. it is very interesting. I’ve never hear about this method. Could you tell me what adventages it has? I will buy one if is worth it. I’m using only isopropyl alcohol 99,99% for final clean, but if i have liquid with sugar damage then first i’m using isopropyl alcohol 60%+40% demineralised water (it dissolve sugar) then 99,99%. BUT I think my method is not cheap

  • Or just throw it in a sealed bag of rice it will absorb the moisture.

  • i admire your work. you are talented and with lot of experience that I admire too. in my repair shop I always replace the shorted or missing part..i am learning so much from you on not to replace the shorted

  • can you fix my phone 7

  • Perfectly

  • Need to get that screen or glass replaced – needs it bad

  • Have to agree with everything this guy says :))

  • Can I know the liquid (petrol) used to checking the short capacitor you used please ?

  • iphone 7 worst shitty phone ever ,have had one from the day one .batteridrain from day one ,changed batteri still battery drain 25-30 % every night and the phone has never left the house and its in perfect condition, have another 7 which have been abused and works perfect and have 10 day lte standby

  • When you tasted smoke do you connect the 2 poles on the negative side?