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How do you know if everything is dry?

How do you know if everything is dry?

November 22, 2014 by in Comment (0)

That’s a great question and we are proud to answer it. Unlike so many aspects of construction we can measure with accuracy the moisture in different materials and in the air, so there is no guess work involved.

Water Damage from leaking shower walls

Pipes in shower walls froze and caused water damage across the entire basement, drywall removed 12″ up around perimeter of the basement.

We seek to attain a specific moisture level and would never remodel or cover up materials that could possibly be wet and contain moisture. Forever Restorations was the best choice you could have made for your water damage or flood damage problems because we are fully certified for this type of work which means we have attended classes and seminars for proper certification and standardization of fixing your problem. Because of our education and experience you never have to worry about all the possible problems that are associated with flood and water damaged areas.