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Wauconda and Island Lake Water Damage Restoration

Wauconda and Island Lake Water Damage Restoration

We have a very difficult task of informing the public of the concept of water damage restoration and water dryout. In the past, before specialized equipment and technology was available, if a room or building was damaged by water, flood or fire it would simply be gutted or torn down. Maybe the contractor or homeowner would go to Walmart and have a couple of fans moving air around in an attempt to do a dryout.  Now we have more options available which lead to a quick turn around time from damage event, dryout, construction and occupancy.

wauconda and island lake water damage restoration contractor

Today we have advanced drying technologies and methods to measure moisture in all materials.

Wauconda and Island Lake Water Damage Restoration Contractor

First of all, if an area of your house is damaged by flood, leaking roof, appliance leaking, or any other source of water damage you immediately think of the great damage that has occurred. You should be thinking of mold, you should be thinking of replacing drywall, flooring and even structural members of your building.


That is not always the case. Insurance companies now pay to have water damaged areas dried out through the use of high tech equipment such as commercial blowers, dehumidifiers and other high tech water removal devices. And then, once the procedure is in place and practiced you need to test the water damaged areas to make sure they are completely dry.

Forever Restorations specializes in determining how an area should be treated after exposure to water damage. We know if the drywall should be removed. The insulation should be removed or even if the flooring should be removed. If water soaked materials are not removed or properly dried mold will take hold and you will have even a bigger problem.

Wauconda Water Damage Restoration Insurance Adjusters

Remember the insurance company and adjuster wants to provide the cheapest method or way to do a dryout as possible. They are there to save the insurance company money and maybe provide you with a solution to your problem. In our experience, you need to fight the insurance companies because they usually do not opt for the most effective solution to your water damage restoration problem.

We know how to deal with insurance adjusters when it comes to fire damage, water damage or mold removal. I, Christopher Parat, will not work on your home unless I know that I will permanently fix your damage, despite what the insurance company dictates. We use the same software that the insurance companies use to determine the cost of your water damage repair work. That means that we have the same access to the database that determines the cost of any detailed repair. I’ve caught adjusters underestimating the area to be repaired along with changing the local unit prices for labor and materials, in essence, they are trying to reduce the project cost by manipulating national and local database costs. They can’t do that because I can compare the prices with my estimating software application ….checking the validity of their cost estimates.

This next fact is what is important. An estimate has to be itemized to the most minute detail. Each item in that detail gets assigned a cost, mark-up and profit percentage. If you have someone who comes out and does not properly itemize the water damage repair, then you, the building owner or homeowner will be on the wrong side of the equation. In other words, you will get screwed by the insurance company and the contractor.

Our goal is to provide you with a better than before outcome. Your project and renovation should be equal to or exceed what you had before. Not many contractors know how to do this. Not many contractors know how to use the estimating tools we have to negotiate with the insurance adjusters and companies to get you the most for your dollar. You’ve paid your insurance premiums, now it is time to collect. Make sure you deal with a competent water damage restoration expert when disaster strikes your home!

Check out the water damage dryout photo below.

Wauconda and Island Lake water damage restoration

Water damage restoration work in Wauconda and Island Lake and water dryout explanation.

It might not look like much, but the basement was flooded. The flooring had to be removed. Some areas the drywall needed to be cut out, other areas the drywall was OK, however, the yellow hoses represent air drying technology in each stud cavity to make sure all the moisture was gone so that mold, fungi or bacteria growth will not occur. In most cases the baseboard can be removed, holes drilled and air drying hoses inserted into each stud cavity. Digital sensors will tell us when the air returned is dry enough to be acceptable and safe enough to prevent mold or bacterial growth.

The areas are treated and then tested to make sure all the moisture is gone. Trust me on this, very few water remediation and restoration contractors know how to make this happen.

Wauconda, Island Lake water damage restoration and dryout

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I’ll leave you with the one potential danger in using an incompetent Wauconda or Island Lake water restoration contractor. Once the insurance company settles with the homeowner and contractor, the project is finalized as far as the insurance company is concerned. If you sign off, and take the money from the insurance company ….then your project is off the books. This is where the danger lies if you happen to deal with an illegitimate restoration and renovation contractor. If the contractor does not do a proper job, if moisture is still in the concrete, the walls, the drywall, the ceiling, the floor coverings….. and mold starts to grow after they are done. Well, the mold removal and remediation is going to cost you and not the insurance company. You will be stuck for the bill because I am sure you will not be able to get the original contractor back out to remedy the situation. I’ve seen this situation too many times, you call the insurance company after the job is done and tell them you have mold….. they say, sorry but we paid on that claim already.

Moral of the story.

Use an experienced Wauconda and Island Lake water damage restoration and renovation company. Nobody is perfect, however, our experience guides us in all our estimates an claims. We are never the cheapest, but always provide the best service possible, give your insurance coverage.

So, if you are in need of a water damage restoration business in Wauconda, call us at 815-529-7279 and we will provide you the best service possible.

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