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Water Damage Restoration Structural Drying Equipment

Water Damage Restoration Structural Drying Equipment

April 13, 2019 by in Water Damage Videos Comments (23)

Water Damage Restoration Structural Drying Equipment

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  • #Austin Reconstruction Service Pros Very informative video and information. It seems you guys put a lot of work into this project. @247 Restoration Atlanta

  • Great water damage video.  Thanks for the share.

  • Very informative video and information. It seems you guys put a lot of work into this project.

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  • in the intro they should have added idiot roofing company’s (happened to my home)

  • Nice video. I am currently in the Reconstruction business. Would you recommend I add water mitigation?

  • amazing techniques

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  • Do you generate much interest from this video?

  • This video was nicely done. Kudos

  • I cant side with the fact that conventional drying is "in the way of the homeowner" by using fans and dehus, but this method of sealing whole floors making them virtually not accessible is more convenient.

  • #Austin Reconstruction Service Pros Very informative video and information. It seems you guys put a lot of work into this project. @247 Restoration Atlanta

  • The real question is will the cost of this equipment (which I’m sure is crazy) be reflected in the billing

  • This may work for a small room but I do not see how this would work for bigger jobs

  • Nice video.

  • Do you perfrom reconstruction? Nice video.

  • Nice video!

  • okay if this is a category 3 water loss are you still going to use the same equipment are you going to use dehumidifier

  • Water restoration company? Or water damage restoration company?

  • to much heat and drying to fast can cause materials to crack damaging beyond repair . I do implement the tes on jobs still for drying crawl sp.,aid in drying wood floors ,subfloors etc. wich is typicaly a class 4 bound water while still utilizing a dehue just dont like the idea of leaving windows unlocked even though you set up a barrier it can lead to a break in a big liability for the drying company.😎

  • Interesting system. As an EMS contractor who’s been in the industry since 2001, I’d say if it takes someone 5-7 days to dry something out using conventional air movers and dehumidifiers, they might want to revisit their psychometric and drying techniques class.

    Give me a beat up old 1200 dehu and a blower a fan, and I can dry anything in 72 hours flat. People taking 5-7 days are just trying to milk the insurance company. This is common knowledge, and is why most insurance adjusters wont pay for more than 4 days, period.

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