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Water Damage and the Resulting Mycotoxins and Health Impact

Water Damage and the Resulting Mycotoxins and Health Impact

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Mycotoxins and Possible Health Impacts

Water damage happens quickly,  at least the things immediately damaged by the incursion of water and moisture. What you do not see is what happens as contents and building structures sit for a couple of days soaking up the water and moisture. As the water recedes or stops leaking in the house, the structure is still wet even though unseen.

black mold under microscope

Mold removal in mchenry by Forever Restorations

Mold loves to grow on materials that have stayed moist for days, with a little warmth mold will grow profusely. As mold grows, spores are released and the beginning of a variety of health symptoms will start to show up.

That’s why you need a professional water dryout when doing any type of water damage repairs. Commercial fans and dehumdifiers will literally suck the water out of a wood 2×4, not to mention that proper water mitigation and water damage repair can remove water that infiltrates a concrete floor!

As molds grow, some (but not all) of them may produce possibly hazardous byproducts called mycotoxins under some conditions. A few of these molds are typically discovered in moisture-damaged structures. More than 200 mycotoxins from typical molds have been recognized, and a lot more remain to be recognized. The amount and kinds of mycotoxins produced by a specific mold depends on many ecological and hereditary elements. Nobody can determine whether a mold is producing mycotoxins just by looking at it. Some mycotoxins are understood to impact individuals, however for numerous mycotoxins little health details are offered. Research study on mycotoxins is ongoing. Exposure to mycotoxins can happen from inhalation, consumption, and skin contact. It is sensible to prevent unnecessary inhalation direct exposure to mold.

To find out more on mycotoxins, see the 2004 Institute of Medicine Report, Damp Indoor Spaces and Health, released by The National Academies Press Washington, DC.

Forever Restorations does water damage repair in Mchenry and surrounding suburbs of Chicago. We also provide mold removal services in Mchenry, Barrington, Lake Zurich and all of Chicagoland.

One method of treating bacteria, fungus and mold growth is to kill the airborne spores with ozone. We use a commercial Ozone Generator to purify rooms and entire buildings. The ozone treatment is harmless to humans after it airs out for a period of time but during the initial ozone shock your room is cleansed of all odors and microbes. Ask us about Ozone Treatments as an upkeep service or for an initial ozone shock to kill mold and mold spores while your building has the water damage repairs being made and afterwards.

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